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Governance Statement for Opossum Federaton Academic Year 2017-2018

Welcome to the Governors' Page

Please see below letter re Outcome of Federation Consultation.

Please note Federation information is subject to change.


Thorpe Hall Governing Body Members

Headteacher - Susan Biggar

Chair of Governors - Maria Meehan

Appointed by GB/Board - Adegoke Oragbade

Elected by school staff - Kenneth Nkemnacho

Appointed by GB/Board - Mary Neilson

Elected by Parents - Maxine Martin

Elected by by school staff - Michele Moir

Appointed by GB/Board - Paulette Houghton

Appointed by GB/Board - Sally Davey

Elected by school staff - Sharon Vassell

Appointed by GB/Board - Stephen Balchin

Nomininated by LA and  appointed by GB - Terry Wheeler 

Publication of Governor Data