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School Parliament

New and old members of the School Parliament have formed themselves in to committees and will be organising themselves to promote projects within the school and local community. Year 6 pupils, Aeryn and Idris were nominated for the new posts of chair person and scribe. The pupils will be taking an active role in running the School Parliament for the remainder of the year.


Recently the pupils worked with the WE organisation to look at ways and projects to help promote volunteering schemes this year. The Juniors enjoyed an assembly and the school parliament took part in a workshop at the end. It was a great session with a lot of good ideas shared.


School Parliament meets most Mondays after school in Hornbeam Class.

Class Representatives

Fundraising Committee

Fundraising Committee 1

Relationship Committee

Relationship Committee 1

Communication Committee

Communication Committee 1

Learning Committee

Learning Committee 1

Environment Committee

Environment Committee 1

Working with the WE Organisation