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Book: Bears in the Forest

Author: Karen Wallace

Illustrated by: Barbara Firth


Review by Nafeesah  -Oak Class (Year 1)


What was the book about?

It was about how cubs grow bigger and what they do in every season.


Who were the characters?

The characters were mummy bear and two cubs.


What was your favourite part of the book and why?

My favourite part was where the cubs run away from their mother because they like being cheeky and I like being cheek too.

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The Butterfly Club

Author: Jacqueline Wilson


Age 8+

The Butterfly club, written by best selling author Jacqueline Wilson, is a book about a girl called Tina who is the smallest of three sisters. Tina always relies on her two sisters but when they get put in Miss Lovejoy's class, they are separated from each other. Miss Lovejoy puts Tina next to mean bully Selma and are they are forced to make a butterfly garden together, no one can help them.

The Butterfly Club is a good book because it shows how the three sisters do everything together but when they get split, they learn to make new friends and Tina learns that she can't always rely on her two sisters. It is also a good book because It shows how much the Butterfly Garden means to Tina as she does a lot to create it and how a small thing can become a big thing.

There are many good bits in the story but my favourite is the part where Tina and her sisters, Maddie and Phil, are having a cake baking party. They invite some of their friends and then they sell the cakes at school so they get money to by plants for their butterfly garden. I also like the bit when Tina goes to Selma's house, it is going okay, then Tina finds out about something that Selma owns, and that thing is very important to Tina!

I recommend this book because it is very good, there are some funny bits in it and it makes you feel like you are Tina and you're making a Butterfly Garden with the meanest girl in the school! I also recommend it because it is about a normal girl who has a normal life so it comforts you, and it has a happy ending and Tina makes a best friend who she would of never imagined would be her friend.

I really enjoyed reading The Butterfly Club and I hope if anyone else reads

it, they enjoy it too.

By Emily  Yew Class.

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Title :Anya’s Ghost


Author: Vera Brosgol




The story is about this girl who goes to an American secondary school. Her name is Anya and she comes from Russia.

One day after school, Anya was walking in the park and she was thinking about stuff she didn’t like happening at school. Because she was distracted, she fell down a deep hole, where she found a mysterious GHOST!

Luckily, someone finds her and gets her out of the hole. After that the ghost finds a way to stick with her. At first, the ghost tries to make friends with Anya. Without knowing the ghost helps Anya at school.

The ghost told Anya how she was murdered. Anya decided to go to the library to find out how the ghost died, but the ghost didn’t know.

Anya finds an interesting story and now the race to get rid of the ghost begins!


My opinion:


I like this book, because the story is not what you expect it to be. Because there’s an amazing twist.





Reading age:

I would say this book is appropriate for children aged 8-10.