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We are  proud of our uniform and encourage all children to wear it from Reception class onwards. The uniform helps the children to feel part of our school community. In foundation stage children are learning to be independent with their clothes and dress themselves.  All school clothes should be washable.

The uniform is as follows:

  • White polo shirts (these have only a couple of buttons and are easier than traditional school shirts with lots of buttons for young children)
  • Navy or grey  trousers (pull up ones are easier for younger children to manage)
  • Navy or grey skirt or tunic dress
  • Jade Green or blue checked summer dresses
  • Green fleece jackets (with school logo)
  • Jade Green sweatshirts or cardigans (with school logo)
  • Black shoes (Velcro fastening is easier.  Laces are too difficult for younger children)


Children have two P.E. lessons each week - one in the hall for gym or dance and one outside for games.  They need to keep their P.E. clothes in a bag at school to change into.

For indoor P.E. lessons

  • White T-shirt
  • Navy shorts or Skort
  • Plimsolls  (No laces)


For outside P.E. lessons

  • Jogging trousers
  • White T-shirt
  • A warm top
  • Trainers (Velcro fastenings is easier.  Laces are too difficult for younger children).


P.E. bags and plimsolls can be purchased at the school office. The P.E. bags will be sent home regularly to be washed.


Please remember:

  • Label all items of clothing
  • NO open toed sandals should be worn to school
  • NO jewellery should be worn to school
  • NO hoodies should be worn to school


It is important that the clothes are EASY for children to manage themselves so avoid buying clothes with lots of buttons or difficult trouser fastenings.  It is essential all school clothes are LABELLED with your child's name as they can get mislaid at school.  Teachers can help find lost items if names are on them.  Check regularly the names are still on as after a few washes the name can fade and then be difficult to identify.  Permanent marker pens or iron on /stitch name labels are advisable.  Also label children's coats, jackets, hats scarves and gloves.  The children are roughly the same size so again clothes can get muddled up or lost. 


It is advisable to have more than one set of uniform as young children seem to attract dirt or paint!


Items of uniform with the Thorpe Hall school logo on can be bought from SPEEDSTITCH, Unit 32, Walthamstow Business Centre, Clifford Road, E17 4SX